Hi, I'm Missy and I can proudly say I've been terrorizing the world since 87'! Homormantic most of the time- Heterosexual usually/ Weirdo

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More pics from matsuricon! Tag yourself if you want, i was the rainbowdash feel free to fallow and i will probably follow back :D

I LOVE the titan pic with lego batman. It’s my favorite pic of my cosplay XD


Calling all cosplayers!

The gang is heading to Ohayocon in January, located in Columbus, OH.. and we want an even bigger group!

Want to join?

Emmet and Vitruvius will be added to the group! We really want a Wyld Style and other characters. Unikitty is up for grabs!  I will be making an Emmet for myself so my Unikitty can be worn by any of you! :) We can bring Unikitty to the con for you but we wouldn’t suggest you taking her home since the costume is ridiculously huge and we only live 5 minutes away from the con.

If you want to build a LEGO, we can help you!!!

These costumes require stamina to wear!!!

Please send us an ask or reblog if you’re interested! :)

Bring it on seriously. The more the merrier :D Let’s make Ohayocon truly awesome!

A awesome clip of us derpying around :D thanks for catching it!

Unikitty: policetomeetyou

Badcop: blanksy

Benny: scribblecop

Batman: sadpandamissy (Me :D)


The gang at Matsuricon!

Bad Cop ( blanksy), Batman (Sadpandamissy (Me :D )), Benny ( koisnake/ policetomeetyou), and Unikitty ( scribblecop).

Unikitty will be completely remade for Ohayocon! :)

Such an amazing group! I hope to have batman remade by Ohaycon as well :D


matsuricon on saturday!

some more fantastic cosplayers! :)

a picture of my Lego batman cosplay along with scribblecop as Benny blanksy as Bad cop and koisnake as unikitty :D

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Don’t let yourself be deceived even when it’s made of gold
Don’t let yourself be dazed, defeated by wrong pride
Learn to forgive and forget
Learn to enthral and free

for lilerilala, because she’s one of them. ♥


"I don’t know if our fates had been sealed from the very beginning or if it turned out this way thanks to Kuriyama-san’s hard work. Or perhaps my feelings for Kuriyama-san finally got through to her. Thus Mirai Kuriyama and I were reunited. If that had been the extent of our relationship, it’d probably be impossible for stories to exist in this world of ours."


DMMD | MAGI选只小螃蟹 [pixiv] 

I think my little sista will love this ahah!

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